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Frequently Asked Questions⚓︎


Is it possible to plan and execute bulk actions in SmartControl?⚓︎

No, bulk actions are not available in SmartControl. Use FleetControl to plan and execute any bulk actions.


Which login credentials do I need to access SmartControl?⚓︎

For Classic fleets, you can login using a valid API key or a username and password. Your fleet’s admin will provide these to you.
For OneAPI fleets, you can also use your FleetControl login credentials.

Can I use my FleetControl credentials to login to SmartControl?⚓︎

If you want to access a SmartControl OneAPI fleet, you can use your OneAPI credentials, i.e., that belong to a OneAPI fleet in FleetControl, to login. To login to Classic fleets, you need dedicated login information to access SmartControl. This can either be an API key or a username and password.


Where can I find instructions for CloudBoxx installation?⚓︎

Click the book icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Then, search for the appropriate vehicle model.

Can I export installation instructions from SmartControl?⚓︎

It is possible to download the instructions to your device, so that you can still access them without an internet connection. However, we recommend you always view instructions in the app if possible, to ensure you are using the most recent version.

Can I request instructions in other languages?⚓︎

Generally, we only provide installation instructions in English. In some cases, instructions are also available in German.


What if the vehicle model I want to configure is not available in SmartControl?⚓︎

Please reach out to our support team to request an analysis of the missing vehicle model.

Can I configure vehicles as another model from the same manufacturer if the exact model is missing?⚓︎

No, you should not configure vehicles as anything other than their exact model. Instead, reach out to our support team to request an analysis.

Why are there no telematics units available for configuration on my homescreen?⚓︎

Verify that you have the required permissions to access telematic units and vehicles. If not, ask your fleet’s admin to grant you the required permissions.

Does the CloudBoxx have to be online during configuration?⚓︎

No, you can fully configure CloudBoxxes with no mobile data connection. As soon as the CloudBoxx goes online, the configuration process is started automatically.

Do I need an internet connection for the configuration?⚓︎

Yes, your smartphone has to always be connected to the internet during configuration.


Does the CloudBoxx have to be online during testing?⚓︎

Yes, the CloudBoxx needs a mobile data connection for testing to be performed.


First, make sure you use the search bar on the home screen and not one of the search bars in the submenus. If you still cannot find the vehicle, try searching for the telematics unit ID, license plate, or VIN. Note that the latter two are only available for fully configured vehicles. If you are still unable to find the vehicle, verify that you have been granted the required permissions to access the vehicle and get in touch with our support team.


Can protocols only be sent via email?⚓︎

No. After selecting one or more protocols, you can send it through all supported installed applications.