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This space contains the first steps, abbreviations and terms, the troubleshooting, the FAQ, and information on returns for the CloudBoxx.


First Steps⚓︎

This section contains important information on the CloudBoxx installation. If you want to know how to solve simple issues yourself, this section contains what you need.

First Steps

Abbreviations and Terms⚓︎

This section explains abbreviations and terms related to the CloudBoxx.

Abbreviations and Terms


This section explains why certain features of the CloudBoxx may not work and how you can fix these issues.


Frequently Asked Questions⚓︎

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions on anything related to the CloudBoxx. If you have a concrete question regarding one of the CloudBoxx features, check out these pages.


Support Information⚓︎

If you have tried to fix the issue yourself and did not succeed, you can contact the CloudBoxx Support. This section describes what you need to provide when you want to contact support.

Support Information


This section explains how to use the keyholder and other accessories of the CloudBoxx.


Return of Goods⚓︎

If an issue is not resolvable, you can send in the defective unit. This section explains the process of returning CloudBoxxes.

Return of Goods